Silicon nitride ceramic bulletproof tablets

Silicon nitride ceramic bulletproof tablets Bulletproof tablets are made of super hard silicon nitride materials with same color and size, having moderate density and high bulletproof ability. All kinds of bulletproof tablet meet the NIJ, European, Chinese standards, pass the test of authorities. Our ceramic bulletproof tablets have the following characteristics: good performance, light, big protective area,less striking distance, effectively prevent bullet penetration. Meanwhile
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Long Service Life

High Machining Accuracy

In the processing of ceramics, different raw materials are selected to make products according to different requirements. After repeated testing and calculation, each product can meet the factory standard, so as to meet the service life requirements of products.

Strict Inspection

In terms of processing, it is calculated precisely, and the products produced are tested by special personnel, so as to prevent problematic products from entering the market

Wide Application Field

Reliable Quality

It is widely used in high-end fields such as mechanical and electronic hardware parts, aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum, automobile military industry, photovoltaic energy and so on