The wastewater treatment

Wastewater were reviewed With the improvement of environmental protection consciousness and industrial wastewater discharge standard is strict, membrane separation as a new high-tech environmental protection technology has been increasingly brought to the attention of the environmental science workers. Almost every manufacturing and service industries produce more or less waste water every day, and in view of the limited conditions, the discharged wastewater is not up to standard is mostly, these not only increase the difficulty of the pollution treatment to the country, but also cause enormous pressure to environmental protection. Increasingly strict pollution control laws and regulations for the membrane technology in wastewater treatment field provides unlimited business opportunities and market.
Wastewater mainly comes from the metal processing (surface cleaning, cutting, etc.), food processing (soaking liquid in vegetable oils, beverages, agricultural products processing, etc.), transportation (such as oil tanker cleaning water discharge, etc.), textile, dye, etc.), electroplating, and laundry (oil, cleaning agents, etc.), printing (ink, etc.), leather, paper pulp, chemical, paint, coatings, etc.), city and municipal, sewage, industrial wastewater, etc.).
In recent years, waste water treatment by physical method, chemical method and biological method. With the popularization and application of membrane technology, the application of membrane technology in wastewater treatment has made great progress. Membrane technology in the textile wastewater, leather wastewater, banknote printing wastewater and urban sewage treatment and other aspects have been successfully applied.
The advantage of membrane separation technology applied in wastewater treatment
Membrane separation process is a purely physical process without phase transformation and system energy consumption is low, can significantly save energy; Membrane technology including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, etc., can be for enterprises to achieve different purposes of processing waste water or waste, recovery of useful substances, while improve enterprise efficiency, reduce the pollution of the environment; Membrane system covers an area of less, high integration degree of technology, convenient operation and maintenance, clean sanitation, clean can realize continuous production. Membrane technology adoption of also can significantly save the original process of a large number of water resources, reduce the waste water treatment cost and labor intensity; Can be combined with other methods of process optimization, and is suitable for the commonly used physical, chemical and biological methods are not ideal for wastewater treatment, reduce the pressure of enterprise and national environmental protection and create a nice living environment of human beings.

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