The requirements and attentions of using zirconia bead

There are many requirements and attentions when we use zirconia bead. Zirconia bead has a smooth surfice which is round and good overall body. The brightness is like a pearl, and it can keep in good condition and keep complete after high speed running and working. This is the main reason why the market like it so much. The following are some noticements and requirements when using zirconia beads.



Choose zirconia beads or glass beads according to the viscosity of the material

Choose the appropriate size of beads according to the size of the material and the fineness required for the product

Check whether the separator or screen aperture of the grinding machine is set and selected properly. The gap should be 1/3 of the diameter of the smallest bead.For example, when using a zirconia bead of 1.2 ~ 1.4 mm, the gap should be 0.4 mm.

Try to avoid opening the sander in dry condition, causing unnecessary wear and tear of beads and accessories

The same brand of beads should not be mixed

Try to avoid mixing large and small beads


1. Process requirements:

a) Initial diameter of the material: the minimum diameter of the bead = initial diameter of the material *30~50;

b) the final diameter of the material = the diameter of the bead.

c) Bead diameter of 1.5mm is the best choice.


2. Requirements for grinding equipment:

a) Screen separation: the minimum diameter of the beads = the gap of the screen *1.5;

b) Ring separation: the minimum diameter of the bead = the gap of the ring *3;


The above are the precautions and requirements for the use of zirconia beads.Hope to help you.

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Post time: Feb-25-2021
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