The MLCC Shortage Will Continue In 2018

The MLCC Shortage Will Continue In 2018

The increase of MLCC shortage has filled the pot of the original factory. On the one hand, the original plant is accelerating the expansion of new production line and replenishing the production capacity.On the other hand, the biggest increase in MLCC’s missing goods will be the biggest increase in the NPO, so when is the shortage of goods expected to be alleviated?

This year, the shortage of capacitors is the beginning of the shortage of ordinary capacitors. In this shortage of goods, the shortage of ordinary capacitors can be alleviated for a year.That is to say, ordinary capacitors, which will begin to ease by the end of 2018.

And based on this judgment is largely because, capacitance now in rise, prices boost profits, for the original factory and capital, are willing to additional capital new production line, capacitor industry from into the expansion is roughly a year’s time is up, so in theory the end of 2018 will be alleviated.

The MLCC has announced plans to expand its production, including MURATA, YAGEO, FENGHUA, JINPEI electronics and so on.Among them, MURATA, will invest 10 billion yen (about 600 million yuan) to build new multilayer ceramic chip capacitor production line, factory building is expected to set okayama prefecture in Japan in the seto city, expected fourth quarter 2018, in response to the current market demand for MLCC;YAGEO has also announced a 10-15 per cent expansion of MLCC, which is expected to be formally produced in the first half of next year.


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Post time: Mar-27-2018
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