Some schemes and matters needing attention about grinding

Grinding the valve itself is a more troublesome matter. In grinding, no matter the coarse grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding, there is always a combination of lifting, lowering, rotating, reciprocating and reversing operations. The purpose is to make the grinding surface get a uniform grinding and improve the flatness and smoothness of the sealing surface.Grinding is always an inspection stage, its purpose is to understand at any time, grasp the grinding situation, do know how to make the quality of grinding in line with the technical requirements.

In the outside maintenance, when receiving a valve, it is first clear which type of grinding machine needs to be adopted to improve the grinding efficiency and ensure the grinding quality.After determining the form and size of the sealing surface, different types and shapes of sandpaper are used for grinding.Grinding itself is a very detailed work in practice need to constantly experience, pondering, understanding, improve.

Before receiving a door to grind yourself set a goal, grind the surface to what extent?What are the customer requirements?Set a fixed value for yourself!Take grinding every time as a fun, a kind of learning, a kind of new knowledge!May grind a door need to replace hundreds of sandpaper or even more, we should have patience, to have the confidence to do a good job of each door will not be too, and finally is not qualified.

One of the most important part is grinding media, such as zirconia beads, zirconium silicate beads, alumina ball etc. We have to choose reliable grinding ball suppliers, for example, Sanxin New Material is a pretty good supplier, which has excellent performanced ceramic balls, this company is top rated in China and is really reliable who has fast delivery date and nice after sales service. Good quality will guarantee grinding performance. When you are grinding inks, minerals, lithium batteries materials, you have to choose appropriate grinding media as well as reliable supplier.

grinding media

Grinding is the need to use the mind, encountered difficult grinding difficult door will have to give up the psychology.Some skills are found in the grinding, do not exist in a dependent on the psychology, I can not grind out someone to end up or back to install to me to do I do.When grinding, you should think: what kind of way to use fast, high precision…Encounter sealing performance is not good I want to take what kind of way, method grinding;What do I do with the next door and so on…People are living out of work is to exercise their will, hands-on ability, mental work and thinking;Look at how the industry works. They’re learning different things.

We should pay special attention to: in the grinding to ensure safety at the same time to ensure the quality, clean site.We design the power cord, grinding tools, sandpaper, garbage, auxiliary tools and so on. If we do not put them in order and according to the procedures, the scene may not be what it looks like.The scene itself is chaotic but our surrounding 3-4 square meters will always clean up.Don’t you learn to write for nothing in management?Learn to use the actual to ah, don’t let customers give us a “typical”.

To put their own thinking on grinding, to follow the direction of grinding, to have a positive attitude!Must have certain responsibility sex!The mentality is good, the technology must be fine, the system must be complete, the responsibility is in place, the safety work, can have the guarantee.


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Post time: Mar-08-2021
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