How to Choose the Right Zirconia Bead

Zirconia bead is mainly used as the grinding medium, because the hardness and wear requirements are relatively high, so zirconia bead has become the preferred grinding medium, many industries are also using zirconia bead as the long-term use of abrasive.


Sand mill based on the principle of zirconia beads is speed and zirconium bead itself characteristic, vertical sand mill are lower than those of the speed of the horizontal sand mill, so the toughness is not very good zirconia beads, such as 65 zirconia bead can only be used in vertical sand mill, so the price is cheaper also, so choose to match the sand mill of zirconium bead, otherwise it will damage on zirconia beads.

According to the discharging particle size, the particle size of the zirconia bead can be determined, such as:

Lithium iron phosphate: zirconium beaded particle size 0.3mm,0.4-0.6mm,0.8-1.0mm, the fineness of the final grinding material: D50:0.3-0.5um

Silicon carbon anode: Zirconium bead diameter 0.1mm,0.2mm,0.3mm, the final material grinding to fineness: D50:50-80nm

Diaphragm alumina: zirconium beaded particle size 0.3mm,0.6-0.8mm, the final material grinding to fineness: D50:0.6-0.8um

According to the size type

If the broken ball will affect the quality of the slurry, that is, the contaminated material, it is necessary to choose zirconia beads with good surface smoothness, especially the impact resistance and low wear need to meet the requirements.Zirconia bead from us can avoid the contamination of materials, especially the grinding of food and medicine and the grinding of paint and paint.

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Post time: May-18-2021
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