How to choose the right grinding ball in the laboratory

In the process of the experiment, we will encounter different samples, because the characteristics of the samples are different, the grinding ball is also different, so the grinding ball standard must be selected according to the characteristics of the corresponding samples;The following Sino Zirconium Bead will discuss with you the ball mill selection of grinding ball method.

First, the principle of grinding the ball


1, the composition

Grinding balls have different density, vickers hardness, we are usually choose density and hardness of the high grinding ball, thereby increasing the grinding ball grinding efficiency, at the same time, the grinding ball in the process of grinding friction each other collision, generated a lot of heat, which can be seen, grinding ball has a high heat resistance requirements, sample if is acidic or alkaline, may have the risk of react with grinding ball,Therefore, the grinding ball should also have the characteristics of not reacting with the sample, so that the sample will not be damaged by the grinding ball.

2, particle size,

Big grinding ball is suitable for the target particle size of samples, on the contrary, refined ball is suitable for small target size, small in number per unit volume, so the grinding speed will be faster, but the small size of the grinding ball is small, weight is not suitable for large particle size of the sample, so we can choose two or three different particle size of grinding balls, grinding ball material gradually to mill.

3. Filling quantity and proportion

The filling amount of the grinding ball should not be too high, otherwise it will not rotate. If the grinding ball is too little, it will lead to the reduction of grinding efficiency, and the ratio of the grinding ball to the sample should be between 0.9 and 1.1.

4, brand

Different brands have different quality, especially in the case of a small amount of grinding ball, the cost of grinding ball is not very high, so we should tend to choose a better reputation of grinding ball .

Therefore, the laboratory selection of grinding ball, it is necessary to fully consider all aspects to choose the right grinding ball, so that different materials have better grinding effect.


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Post time: Apr-27-2021
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