How to calculate the filling amount of grinding media

Sand mill can be used glass ball, zirconia balls, steel ball for grinding media, each medium is best to use a uniform particle size into the cylinder before the media should be cleaned in advance, screening. Grinding with a certain medium to be based on the fineness of the material to be polished and viscosity to choose.
zirconia balls
The more detailed the product requirements, the finer the product requirements, the smaller the size of the media and the amount of loading should be a corresponding increase in the size of the material is grinding coarse, the choice of medium size should be thicker. Horizontal sand mill grinding media loading capacity is about 85% of the volume of the cylinder, the specific should be installed, according to the media particle size, material temperature sensitivity, and material varieties and other factors to determine.

Note: If the temperature is too high, it should reduce the loading to control the grinding temperature in the ideal temperature range. If the product outlet temperature is too low, consider increasing the medium before increasing the speed. To improve efficiency.

Grinding medium life: to achieve the best efficiency, the use of the media should be timely replacement and add, remove the broken spit residue, add the corresponding new media. Its life should be based on different varieties of materials to explore the law, timely replacement.

the impact of the life of the factors are as follows:

1. Material Viscosity: It is recommended to maximize the viscosity of the material as required to reduce wear.

2. Speed: The higher the speed of the dispersion shaft, the faster the wear. Empty load: When cleaning the cylinder media should try to shorten the time, in the absence of material into the cylinder before the empty car.

3. Dispersion of the material itself: the hardness of the material itself does not only affect the life of grinding media, but also affect the life of the cylinder and the dispersion plate.

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Post time: Feb-21-2020
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