Correct Abrasives Can Promote Grinding Efficiency

Abrasives are very important in the production of raw materials. Abrasives can be used for polishing, ball milling and other purposes, and can even be ground to the nanometer level to change the physical and chemical properties of products and improve the performance of raw materials.There are many manufacturers in the market are producing all kinds of abrasive, according to the different industry, abrasive requirements are also different.

A, polishing

1. Diamond

The hardness of diamond is very high, the grain is also very sharp, has a very strong effect on the polishing of alloy, the abrasive wear is very low.

2. Chromium oxide

The polishing effect is second only to alumina, and the final process of polishing steel samples can be polished with chromium oxide.


Second, the ball mill

1. Zirconia bead abrasive

This kind of abrasive, also known as TZP zirconium beads, made of zirconia and yttrium oxide as raw materials, production process requirements are relatively high, such as South Korea’s SAINO using electrolyte titration method, can achieve “zero pollution”, “high hardness”, “nanoscale” requirements.

The main characteristics are: low wear, not easy to corrosion, no pollution, high strength, good sphericity.

This kind of abrasive is suitable for the industry: paint, medicine, food, cosmetics, ink, etc.


2, alumina ball abrasive

This abrasive alumina content is high, also known as high aluminum ball, there are 90,92,95,99 series of abrasives.

Features: high hardness, high wear resistance, small volume, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance

If it is to do ceramics, enamels, glass, chemical processing, it is recommended to choose this kind of abrasive.

So the choice of abrasive will affect the effect of grinding and polishing, the correct abrasive can improve production efficiency.

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Post time: Mar-25-2021
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