Ceramic Balls-alumina oxide balls,Zirconia Oxide balls,Silicon nitride balls

Alumina oxide is a top ceramic choice because of its resistance to corrosion and operating temperature slightly under that of ruby sapphire ceramics. Alumina resists oxidation and is tolerant to water, salt solutions, and many chemicals and acids. However, this material is more susceptible to damage if it comes into contact with hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids or strong alkaline environments.

Alumina oxide balls are resistant to most corrosive materials, however it is not recommended for environments containing hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids or strong alkaline solutions. Alumina Oxide’s maximum useful temperature is 3180° F.

Ceramic balls are harder but also lighter than steel balls. AL203 Balls are non-porous and abrasion resistant. Alumina Oxide balls also spin faster than steel balls.

Zirconia Oxide balls offer high load capacity and have the highest strength at room temperature when compared to other ceramics. Zirconium bearing balls are mostly inert to corrosive liquids except of hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid. They are not resisting against hydrochloric acid and strong alkaline solutions.

Zirconia (YSZ) grinding media is the most durable and efficient media for ball milling and attrition milling of ceramic materials.   Zirconia grinding media provides a virtually contamination-free ball milling solution for a variety of industries.

Zirconia Oxide balls are used for a varieity of applications including but not limited to:

Check valves
Grinding and milling applications
Flow meters

Silicon Nitride Balls are specified for use in such high-technology industries such as full ceramics bearing, hybrid bearings, aerospace and defense, they are featured in these advanced characteristics:

Excellent corrosion resistance withstands attack from harsh chemicals and demanding environmental conditions.
Lightweight Silicon Nitride weighs 60% less than steel which reduces centrifugal force, skidding, wear under high speed and acceleration.
Superior Surface Finish, Ra 0.17-0.25 micro inches may extend L-10 life to as much as 10 times that of steel bearings.
High Temperature Hardness is twice as hard than steel. These all-ceramic balls retain their strength and hardness up to 1800 degrees F.
Further characterized by its low density of 3.2 g/cc, high flexural strength of 1.0 GPa, and fracture toughness of 6 MPa/M2.
Ortech balls manufacturing capability ranges in size from 0.5mm to 63.50mm.
We offer Silicon Nitride balls conforms to ASTM Specification F2094; Class I and Class II materials .





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