Ceramic Ball

Ceramic Ball have many advantages compared to Steel Balls. Bearing with ceramic balls can increase bearing performance and extend bearing life when used on high speed application or in a chemical, vacuum or high temperature environment.

sanxin is a china manufacturer of high precision ceramic balls (Silicon nitride balls -Si3N4 Grinding bead) for ball bearing and ball screw.

zirconia balls bearing (ZBB)

Application: zirconia balls are mainly used as valve balls,fully ceramic bearings, force measurement balls,trackballs, fine mill balls, and can be used in such situations: high temperature, anti-corrosion, electric insulation, anti-magnet, non-lubrication, it’s the ideal material for replacing steel balls under corrosive situation.


Silicon nitride balls (SNB)

Application: Silicon nitride balls can be used in bearings which need Extreme performance requirements: highspeed/ superspeed bearings, high precision bearings, vacuum bearings, high/ low temperature bearings, non-magnet bearings, high-precision ball screw; also can be used as valve ball, measurement ball in chemical pump ,high-temperature pump, metering pump. And it can be used in slide and measurement such as: high temperature slide trail and anti-corrosion slide trail.


Silicon nitride grinding balls

-High Si3N4 content 90-92%

-High hardness can be reached 1400HV10.

-Density can be 3.2g/cm3

Standard Size:  φ5,φ10,φ15,φ20,φ25mm.The other size can be made according the customer’s demand



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