ceramic bead testing method

Testing Method

1. Density

-Use the Archimedes’ principle



  1. Bulk Density

Please check density ( use balance which is 2 digit as significant figure) by following method This density is
value on the average from 3 times analysis

Required test apparatus
Bulk Density Tester , balance ( 4 digit), Funnel. 1L Mess cylinder

Test method
① put 1ℓ mess-cylinder on the balance and tare weight of mess-cylinder and make “0” = the balance
② put funnel on the 1ℓ mess-cylinder and feed bead via funnel until mess-cylinder to be 1L..
③ And check weight of mess-cylinder.

※ cf) use proper funnel and fill bead into mess-cylinder properly to avoid mistake ( low density).


-V-Hardness 10HV


4.Size Distribution :

a.Use the Vernier Calipers, 20Times




b.Sieve analyse


5.Compression Strength

Sample is checked by compression test machine based on standard method.method and check average figure and stand deviation after check destruction load by pressing Cross Head down

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